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True Light Community Church

True Light Community Church(TLCC) is an independent Pentecostal church started with a vision to reach out all people group residing in Singapore. Today we have hundreds of people attending our weekly healing and deliverence service in our five language services( English, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, and Singhalese). For the last 23 years God was faithful to us in many ways.
Thousands of people were touched , healed and baptised by the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Power of the Holy Spirit can transform lives and give a new identity in Christ.With this in mind, every week we conduct healing services (Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays).Last 23 years many demon possesed, oppressed, depressed and sick are healed from all curses and brokenness and pain. Jesus has a solution for all our problems. The Bible says" come unto me all those who are weary and burdened i will give you rest"
We welcome you to our church either for a Sunday Worship Services or Wednesday/ Friday Healing services.
May the Lord bless
Rev. Dr.Samuel Kunjumone

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Service Timings

Malayalam Service : 9am-10:45am
English/ Tamil Service : 11am-1pm
Hindi/Singalam Service : 3pm-5pm
English/ Tamil Service : 5pm-7pm
Indian Brothers Service : 7pm
Saturday :
English/Tamil Service :11am-1pm
English Service :5:30-7pm
Healing Service: 7:30 PM
Healing & Deliverance Service : 11am